Using the Metabox

Using the included metabox is the standard way to include a video background on your page or post. If you used the free version of Video Background on the WordPress repo, you should be familiar with this approach.

First things first, navigate to the page or post you wish to add a video background to

Getting Started: Metabox - Step 1

Below the content editor, you will find a metabox title “Video Background Pro”. Enter your container element, and choose the type of video background you would like.

Getting Started: Metabox - Step 2

Once you have specified the container and background video type along with the necessary files or url, you can explore the Advanced Options. These options offer the ability to set an overlay atop your video, player settings, and frontend player controls.

Getting Started: Metabox - Step 3

Finally, don’t forget to publish/update your post or page 🙂

Getting Started: Metabox - Step 4