Using SiteOrigin Page Builder

Page Builder by SiteOrigin is a great (not to mention free) page builder for any WordPress site. Is it available on the WordPress repo or on their Github. Please follow the instructions below to create a video background in Page Builder or watch the video above.

For starters, go to the page or post you would like your video background to appear on.
Tip: Be sure that Page Builder by SiteOrigin is installed!

Getting Started: SiteOrigin - Step 1

Next, click the Page Builder tab.

Getting Started: SiteOrigin - Step 2

Now we must add a row to the page builder. This is done by selecting the Add Row button in the top-left hand corner of the content editor.

Getting Started: SiteOrigin - Step 3

You will be prompted to select the amount of columns you want in your row. Select the correct amount and click the insert button. We will now have to edit the row to input the video background settings. We can do this by hovering over the wrench icon in the top-right hand corner of the row and selecting Edit Row.

Getting Started: SiteOrigin - Step 4

Click the Video Background tab, and key in the necessary fields. Once you’ve entered in the fields, click the done button.

Tip: Don’t forget to add content to your row!

Getting Started: SiteOrigin - Step 5

Finally, publish/update your page or post 🙂

Getting Started: SiteOrigin - Step 6