Changelog – Video Background Pro


  • Added: Better mobile device support.
  • Added: Support for iPad Pro.
  • Fixed: Issue with video showing in top left-hand area of screen before being resized.


  • Fixed: Issue with placeholder image showing up before the video
  • Fixed: Slow video delay
  • Added: Combined JS files for less http requests and faster load times


  • Fixed compatability issue with CMB2
  • Added filter to change loader background color
  • Added a post type filter to add new post types to VBP
  • Fixed a display issue for YouTube videos when container was set to “body”
  • Added frontend buttons position option
  • Fixed an issue where the fallback image would show up before the video played


  • Renamed the [vidbgpro] shortcode to [vidbg] to be compatible with the free version.
  • Fixed a bug that made the browser window position jump when clicking the “Advanced Options” button
  • Added better localization support for translations


  • Fixed an issue with the looping option when using the YouTube integration.


  • Initial Release